Downhole Gauges

Oilfield Data Services has partnered with downhole gauge pioneer Panex Corporation to supply our clients with some of the most robust downhole gauges available on the market today. Panex Corporation has been providing wire-line, E-line, and permanent gauges to the oil and gas industry for over 30 years. Panex's hybrid gauges are designed to address the issues of electronic reliability for sustained high temperature or very high temperature operating conditions (400 F / 200 C). The construction consists of reducing all circuit elements to the non-packaged chip level. The circuit uses no circuit boards or soldering. Instead, semiconductor and circuit element chips are assembled on a ceramic substrate with a metallicized circuit pattern. Attaching these elements to the substrate is then accomplished by using the same techniques semiconductor manufacturers use to fabricate integrated circuit modules. The entire assembly is rigorously tested and then hermitically sealed in an inert atmosphere.

Contact us to book a visit to the Panex Corporation labs for a tour of the workshop, testing facilities, and research laboratory.