Reservoir Dimensioning

ODSI promotes WAVEX® Inc.'s patented technique for reservoir Dimensioning/Mapping. WAVEX® is a new technology that incorporates capillary threshold or initiation pressure, capillary flow, and wave mechanics into the pressure transient model. The method allows discrete identification of reservoir boundaries and integrated volume calculations during the test. These discrete boundaries can be organized into reservoir boundary images and ranked as to which is the most likely boundary arrangement. Data is processed directly from a fixed choke transient pressure test, not as a “history matching” process. There is no starting “guess” as to what the reservoir looks like. The process is performed “blind”. Images are often directly comparable to 3D seismic images. The image from a single well test has no directional orientation. The boundaries are oriented relative to each other using and integral energy balances angular information unique to the WAVEX® radial capillary model. The interaction of WAVEX® and 3D seismic produces a better understanding of the reservoir than either method by itself.

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